Snack Attack!

If you want to sustain your energy throughout the day, burn fat more efficiently, reduce cravings and balance your blood sugar you should consider snacking. Eating something every 2-3 hours can help you reduce the amount of food consumed at the main meals – you will not be so inclined to have a second or third helping! Regular food consumption provides your body with the necessary energy to perform daily tasks and simply think more clearly – prevent the fog that takes over your mind in the afternoon.

Snacking is great but grazing is a totally different story. Eating from the time you wake up to the time you close your eyes at night is not considered snacking. This grazing action can have detrimental effects – decrease digestion, store fat, weight gain. We want to eat on a regular basis but still have time between our meals – snacking.

The quality of your snack is just as important as snacking itself. After all you are what you eat! Chips or cookies may satisfy your afternoon sugar craving but these are not good snacks – they will only feed the sugar addiction.

Good snacks (including protein, carbohydrates and fat) that will help your body include:

  • Hummus with some veggies or gluten-free crackers (Mary’s Crackers are great)
  • Greek yogurt with some fruit and nuts
  • Apple with some nut butter (avoid conventional peanut butter – I know it tastes great, but you want to try to avoid it)

Give snacking – not grazing – a try to feel the benefits! You’ll wonder why you never snacked before.

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