Protein Frenzy: Protein Rich Foods

It seems like the word protein is popping up every where in the wellness industry now a days. And it has good reason.

Protein is essential to the function of our bodies. It helps build muscle, grow strong hair and nails, and boost our metabolism. The more protein we consume the greater our changes of increasing muscle mass. The more muscle mass we have the more toned our body. The higher our muscle percentage the faster our metabolism works. This is because our body uses more energy to maintain muscle than it does fat. Hooray! If we want to achieve this toned and high functioning body we must stop neglecting the essential macro nutrient protein!

You might say “I eat protein” but are you consuming enough? A lot of us are not eating enough to support our body and the goals we want to achieve. We need to eat good quality protein with every meal and snack. It doesn’t matter if its animal based or vegetarian, it just needs to be protein!

The daily recommended amount for women is 46 grams and for men 56 grams. This is for the average individual. If you are active or an athlete the amount of protein necessary is greater than that recommended for the average individual.  Keep in mind, everyone is individual and therefore your protein levels are too!

Here is a list of protein rich foods that can be added to any meal or snack.

10 protein rich foods

Happy Eating!




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