Simple Fresh Wellness



Picture the life you’d most like to live. What does that look like? For me it’s a combination of many things. Having time to be relaxed, taking long drives through the country, stopping at road side stands, meandering through apple orchards and spending time in the sunshine with my puppy. It includes spending time with family and loved ones. Taking trips near and far. Enjoying adventures and making the most out of each day. I would wake with the sun instead of the harsh beep of an alarm clock. My days would be filled with walks, recipe creating, building my business, and the occasional cat nap 🙂 My work life would allow me to collaborate with like minded people – I would work with brands I respect and love, develop nourishing recipes and share my passion for health and wellness. I would spend my evenings with my loving family and the occasional outing.






I want to help inspire you to live that life and achieve optimal wellness. Simple Fresh Wellness is about helping people take control of their health through food, exercise, embracing passions, relaxation and love. Without happiness and content it’s hard to experience true wellness. Hopefully this blog will help you appreciate the beauty in fresh whole foods, spark a passion for cooking and being creative in the kitchen, provide inspiration to live a more holistic life and provide a space on the web to inspire and cultivate wellness.






Let’s live a balanced life together! This can mean something different to everyone but to me it means: Enjoying fresh foods with the occasional treat. Moving your body. Laughing with friends. Taking pretty pictures. Following your passions. Working hard at a job you love. Going on adventures. Flipping through cookbooks. Loving.

What does living a balanced life mean to you?




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