UK Adventures | Travel Recap

At the beginning of December I was lucky enough to travel across the pond to the UK. I spent 10 days traveling from Bath to London and finally Edinburgh and the Highlands. It was pretty magical to say the least. The streets were decorated with holiday lights, the cities were bustling with the pre Christmas rush and my feet were screaming from the hours of exploring each day.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my photos and give you a bit more of a lifestyle post – a little break from the usual food pics.

Shall we.

I hope these inspire you to explore. Whether its your neighbourhood, your country or the top destination on your bucket list.


The adventure started in Bath, England. Historic destination with a maze of picturesque lanes and curved buildings. Although my stay was short it was worth the train ride.



Next up, London. Full of lights and life – no shortage of decorations, breath taking courtyards and stunning views. A vibrant city with something for everyone.






Finally, we ended in Scotland. More specifically Edinburgh and The Highlands. A mix of gothic buildings and vast open spaces with volcanic hills and lochs. I highly recommend taking a tour if in Edinburgh. We went with Rabbies small tour bus and it was amazing! The perfect way to discover castles, lochs and the majestic Highlands.







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