I’m Deanna. Welcome to my little slice of the web where I share my favourite recipes along with a few snippets of how to live healthy, be active and enjoy life. With the occasionally travel bits.

A little about me — I’ll choose sweet over savoury any day (even if its breakfast), I’m happiest in the outdoors preferably with a cookie in hand. I have a soft spot for farmer markets, flowers, cute little towns, being active, dessert and sarcasm.


What makes me ME?

I could spend my days creating recipes, wandering the country side, and taking photos – but unfortunately reality gets in the way some times and these activities are reserved for weekends. Although I do try to make the most of every day! Meandering country roads, stopping at fruit stands and waving to the farmer’s cows make for some of the best days. Add some pie eating and apple cider sipping and I am one happy girl! There is something about the peacefulness and simplicity of the country that makes me feel relaxed and full of pure joy!

How it all started

In nutrition school we were encouraged to start a website or blog to help promote ourselves and corner a portion of the growing online world. Simple fresh Wellness has had a few name changes and originally focused on sharing recipes that eliminated all common allergens. As I’ve grown and my lifestyle and diet has changed Simple Fresh Wellness has grown to. Now celebrating fresh ingredients, cooking from scratch and embracing simple holistic living. We still enjoy the indulgence of life while embracing natural foods and the principle of living a balanced life. Let’s re-discover a life of wholesome recipes and simple living!

SIMPLE Fresh Wellness

I have a hard time sticking to things that require too much energy, time, and brain power … don’t pretend you’re any different. So, my method is all about making small changes to achieve big (long lasting) results. It’s about slowly redefining your lifestyle and reconnecting with what makes you happy – while supporting your body with nourishing food (you know, so you can fully enjoy whatever it is that brings joy).

I believe in eating food that makes you feel good and supports your body. Foods that energize you instead of  making you feel icky, lethargic, and bloated. Love your body and discover how delicious real food can be. 

Healthy Body + Happy Life = Thriving Wellness 

Eat nourishing foods that make you feel good, move your body and embrace activities you love, surround yourself with good energy, find balance and create a healthy lifestyle.








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