Apple Cranberry Cider

  Festive cocktails are generally favoured during the summer months with parties, bbq’s and weddings – but why not make a festive fall cocktail to take you through the holiday season? Fall cocktails make the perfect signature drink for Thanksgiving or the many holiday gatherings around the Christmas season. The flavours can carry you through … More Apple Cranberry Cider


Protein Cafe Mocha 

Warm weather is coming which means it’s time to start enjoying those frozen drinks we all love. I’ve got the perfect morning beverage that combines morning coffee and smoothie – it’s my protein cafe mocha. With a caffeine punch from organic coffee and blood sugar balancing fat and protein it’s the perfect two in one … More Protein Cafe Mocha 

Green Mylkshake

  St. Patricks day is almost here and you know what that means. Everyone’s heading to the beloved golden arches restaurant to get their shamrock shake. Loaded with sugar, processed ingredients and digestion disrupting cow’s milk. I know people want to be festive and embrace the consumerism culture surrounding this day full of Irish love, … More Green Mylkshake