Summer Kale Salad

Not sure how you feel about kale. I’ve got the salad to change your mind. It has crispy chickpeas that taste like bacon croutons and a tangy, creamy lemon dressing that perfectly coats every piece of kale. It’s super simple to make and lasts for a couple days in the fridge. This salad just gets … More Summer Kale Salad

Simple Fresh Wellness

  Picture the life you’d most like to live. What does that look like? For me it’s a combination of many things. Having time to be relaxed, taking long drives through the country, stopping at road side stands, meandering through apple orchards and spending time in the sunshine with my puppy. It includes spending time … More Simple Fresh Wellness

Green Mylkshake

  St. Patricks day is almost here and you know what that means. Everyone’s heading to the beloved golden arches restaurant to get their shamrock shake. Loaded with sugar, processed ingredients and digestion disrupting cow’s milk. I know people want to be festive and embrace the consumerism culture surrounding this day full of Irish love, … More Green Mylkshake