Classic Ice Tea 

  A cold glass of ice tea on a hot summer day is my idea of perfection. The refreshing tea and slight lemony tang screams summer in a glass.   If you enjoy a large glass of ice tea but don’t want the nasty artificial or refined sugar this recipe is for you. Keep it … More Classic Ice Tea 

Strawberry Poptarts: A Childhood Favourite

    Nothing signals the unofficial start of summer more than the sprouting of Farmer’s markets and the sweet smell of just picked strawberries! Strawberry season is the start of fresh summer fruit season and one of my favourite parts of summer. Fresh seasonal fruit is the perfect start to any recipe and the strawberry is no exception. … More Strawberry Poptarts: A Childhood Favourite

Nature’s Peach: Simple, Fresh, Wholesome

Welcome to Nature’s Peach the re-branding and expansion of Friendly Nutrition were we discuss all things food/recipes, health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. We love fresh, wholesome ingredients and heart warming activities that help nourish the body, mind, and soul. We’re here to help you embrace the simple life of farm to table living, farmers market finds, and … More Nature’s Peach: Simple, Fresh, Wholesome