Summer Kale Salad

Not sure how you feel about kale. I’ve got the salad to change your mind. It has crispy chickpeas that taste like bacon croutons and a tangy, creamy lemon dressing that perfectly coats every piece of kale. It’s super simple to make and lasts for a couple days in the fridge. This salad just gets … More Summer Kale Salad

Almond Flour Pizza

  I don’t think I have ever met anyone who doesn’t like pizza! It’s one of those universal go to comfort foods. The delivery guy you call after a long work week when you don’t feel like cooking or the late night stop after the bar.  I know not every one can handle eating the … More Almond Flour Pizza

Easy Fried Rice

It’s officially the weekend, which means extra time to spend in the sunshine, aimlessly strolling the farmer’s market, exploring your neighbourhood, gardening and laughing with friends and family. It’s the two days a week you can escape from the stress of work and the lengthy to do list to just spend time enjoying your life. … More Easy Fried Rice