How to keep a resolution

Did you make a new year’s resolution? Have you kept it until now?

A lot of people make new year’s resolutions just to break them a few weeks into January. We decide what our resolution is going to be and then a week or so later we forget all about it. Unless you constantly remind yourself of your resolution, chances are you will forget like the majority of the population.

If you want to still be on track with your resolution come June try these amazing tips.

  • Write your resolution down (studies show that people who write their resolutions down have a higher success rate in achieving them)
  • Display your resolution where it can be seen (if you post your resolution in a place you look everyday it will remind you of your goal and help you achieve it. Try putting a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or the fridge door)
  • Take some time everyday to read your resolution
  • Think about and right down how you can achieve your resolution (it is easier to achieve something when you have a plan in place)

Implement these simple suggestions to help your new year’s resolutions (or goals/dreams) come true!

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