Maintaining that bikini body: alkaline and detox

It seems like the hot summer weather has finally arrived. This means more people will be spending time at the cottage, on a beach or hanging out around the pool. Spending time in a bathing suit is scary for a lot of people, especially us women. This is the time we really want to feel comfortable in our body.



It’s not about being stick thin, but about being fit, healthy, and confident. We all know exercise, especially strength training is a major factor in having a toned, healthy body, but it’s not all about exercise. Nutrition also plays a huge role in body composition and health. Two areas in particular come to mind when talking about weight loss and promoting muscle building, consuming enough protein and reducing inflammation by alkalinizing your body. Today we are going to talk a little more about the second point as it aligns perfectly with detoxing, a topic many are interested in during the hot summer months.



Detox’s are a great way to reset your body and nutrition. They force us to focus on eating whole foods, removing processed junk foods, and staying hydrated. Detoxes are designed to promote the removal of stored toxins, reduce inflammation and support our detox organs/pathways. Detoxes hold many benefits and contrary to popular belief, don’t have to be scary. Check out my easy 14 day detox program for a beginner detox program, that will have you feeling more energized, lighter, less bloated, and more rested. The program guides you through the benefits of detox, how to detox, delicious detox friendly meals and detox supporting lifestyle choices. It helps you reset your health, gets you thinking about whole foods and helps alkalinize your body to reduce inflammation. Many people have had great success on the program, check out what they had to say and join their club today! Don’t waste any more time thinking about change. Start your healthy journey today!  I can’t wait for you to feel amazing!



4 tips to promote detox everyday:

Experience the benefits of these detox tips and more with the 14 day detox program. Discover the new, healthier you in just 2 weeks!

  1. Stay hydrated – hydration is key to kidney function and the removal of water soluble toxins. Drink at least 2 litres of clean beverages daily.
  2. Be a morning person – start your day at the same time and enjoy an alkalinizing glass of warm lemon water. This helps stimulate your liver, increase liver enzymes, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. Squeeze half a lemon into 8 oz. of warm water and drink on an empty stomach.
  3. Get green – enjoy a variety of green vegetables. Loaded with fiber and detox supporting minerals, greens are essential to promoting detox.
  4. Ditch the sweets – sugar increases inflammation and promotes toxicity. Say good bye to the late night sweets and hello to better sleep, energy and health!

Detoxes don’t have to be scary and the principles can help promote everyday health and happiness. It is important to live a life celebrating whole foods, nature and balance!



Cheers to being healthy and detoxes!

XO Deanna


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